IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE IRS filing extension, OUR VIRTUAL SITE has extended its tax season !


Due to Covid-19 this tax season (until further notice), we will be preparing tax returns in a "VIRTUAL SETTING". This means that instead of preparing tax returns face-to-face, we use Zoom and other secure technologies to confirm your identity, get your tax documents and interview you. Our volunteers will work hard to help guide you through the process.

The VIRTUAL VITA CLINIC is operated by the St. Louis Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, serving the St. Louis metropolitan area.


Your appointment is NOT at a building!!

You will be in your home. The volunteers will be in our tax clinic's virtual meeting rooms.

We will communicate with each other thru electronic methods.

It's that time of year again!

All tax preparation sessions will be done by "APPOINTMENT ONLY" and will be performed using the Zoom Video Conferencing program. A Smart phone (cell phone with camera), Tablet, or computer is required to download and use the Zoom App.

To Get Started

Click Here for Computer or Here for Mobile Device

This will take you to the Intake/Interview Form

  1. Fill out the online Intake/Interview form. A computer, smart phone (cell phone with camera) or tablet is required to access. To view on a computer screen use this link to access the Computer-Intake/Interview Form. To view on a mobile device use this link to access the Mobile-Intake/Interview Form. Once we receive and review this form, we will send you a notification that you can now make an appointment so we can finish processing your tax return. The notification email will be from "IRS Certified Volunteer" at the email address "apptnabavita@gmail.com".

  2. Within 1 to 2 days after submitting the Intake/Interview Form, an IRS Certified Volunteer will send an email to taxpayer with the Appointment link so taxpayer can make an appointment to have taxes prepared. The email will say "IRS Certified Volunteer" from the email address "apptnabavita@gmail.com". **Taxpayers whose returns were done at our walk-in sites in 2019 or 2018 will have first priority since already in our system.

  3. After your online appointment is made, NABA will send a secure link for DropBox where you will be asked to upload your tax documents along with picture of your ID & Social Security cards for you and all dependents on your return. (See list below on what to bring). Without all documents, we can’t complete the return and may have to re-schedule at a much later date.

  4. A zoom link will be sent the night before your zoom video conference appointment. This is an “invitation” link for you to join us. At our Zoom meeting, we verify your identity & go through Intake process. Note 1 – You must show your face on Zoom to match your ID. Note 2 - If filing jointly, both spouses must be present.

  5. After Preparer finishes preparing your return, you will be advised that a Quality Reviewer will join the meeting or call you back to double check your return for accuracy. (All preparers and quality reviewers are IRS Certified). If satisfied with the results, you will be sent an Authentisign with a copy of your tax return and other required forms to be signed so we can electronically file your return. You need to save the copy of your tax return you receive through Authentisign.

Virtual VITA Clinic Hours

Virtual Location 1: Saturdays, Jan 30 - May 15, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (last appt)

Virtual Location 2: Wednesdays, Feb 17 - Mar 17, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (last appt) * Update - Wednesdays Ended

How Virtual Locations Work

Virtual locations do not exist in a fixed location. In other words, the volunteer will not be in the CareSTL Health building or the William J. Harrison building when they do your tax returns. They will be working from many different locations, so you will not come to either building.

If you were used to getting your taxes done at:

CareSTLHealth 5471 Martin Luther King Dr. St. Louis, MO 63112,


If you were used to getting your taxes done at:

William J. Harrison 3140 Case Ave St. Louis, MO 63106,

please make a WEDNESDAY APPOINTMENT * Update - Wednesdays Ended (make a Saturday appointment)

What you need to bring to your Zoom session

Please Come Prepared

  • Your Photo ID

  • Social Security cards and birthdates for you and all dependents

  • W-2, 1099-R, 1099- NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-C and any forms with 1099 on it (Social Security, Railroad retirement, pension, unemployment, stock transactions, etc)

  • Form 1095A is REQUIRED! If you purchased health insurance through Insurance Marketplace (aka Obamacare), your return will be rejected by IRS without this form

  • Charitable donation documentation

  • Total paid for daycare (incl. provider name, address and provider’s tax identification number)

  • 1098-T (tuition) & student fee activity statement from school

  • 1098-E Student Interest

  • Bank routing & account numbers (voided check preferred)

  • If IRS sent you a letter with IP PIN (4-digit number) bring letter with you. Must have to file your return!!

  • PAID Real Estate / Pers. Prop. tax bill (Itemizing or Circuit Breaker)

  • Signed Rent Paid Letter with Landlord’s name, addr, phone and total amount paid. NO RENT RECEIPTS!

  • Retirees- Medical, dental, prescription, vision insurance cost

  • Last Year’s Tax Return if you have it (very helpful to see)

  • Any other document you feel might be needed that is not mentioned above

If you are not able to keep you scheduled appointment please send an email to apptnabavita@gmail.com stating your name and appointment time.

If you need to contact our VITA Virtual Tax clinic for any other reason, please email us at nabavitaSTL1@gmail.com.

Visit our main website to see all that The National Association of Black Accountants has to offer: https://naba-stl.org

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is an IRS initiative to support free tax preparation service for low- to moderate-income individuals, persons with disabilities and the elderly.